HM Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip in the back of a Rolls Royce approaching Five Lanes during their visit to south Devon in August 1977, when they travelled through what was then a village on their way from Torquay to Exeter. You will notice the driver was paying no heed to driving on the left but kept a steady middle of the road position!

The resurfacing of the route from Torquay to Exeter was explained away by local officials as a catch up exercise of overdue maintenance, and the fact that it was carried out just before the visit was a fortunate coincidence!  There are many in south Devon who would have loved to see her visit again - if only to see the back of the numerous potholes drivers have to put up with on a daily basis!

For the Silver Jubilee visit, bunting was hung out along the route where residents gathered to watch her go by.

Celebrations were held inKingsteignton to commemorate the event, including an "It’s a Knockout Competition" held at Teign School which attracted a lot of entries and a large crowd to cheer on the  competing teams.

The route Her Majesty followed through the village was much the same the route taken by her grandparents, the then Duke & Duchess of York (later to be King George V & Queen Mary), when they travelled through Kingsteignton in July 1899 to stay at Ugbrooke as the guests of Lord Clifford.


Crowds gathering at The Fountain awaiting the arrival of the Queen

 The Royal Car passing Willcocks' Garage                        Programme of Events                       Villagers waiting in Exeter Road

Souvenir Mugs produced at Sandygate Pottery,  Kingsteignton to mark the Silver Jubilee in 1977. The mug on the left was commissioned by Ovaltine.