The picture on the left was loaned by Michael Rendell and shows the Kingsteignton St John Ambulance Brigade outside their hut in Homers Lane around 1960. The group folded in the late 1960s and the hut lay empty for a number of years until it was acquired by the local scout group after they had been forced to leave their premises in Hackney Lane (the former coach house to the Old Vicarage).

The only officer in the back row who has been identified is Henry Nicks who is standing to the right. As far as the other personnel are concerned those identified so far read as follows :-

Standing: John Nicks, n/k, John Gilding, n/k, Rosemary Green, Mike Rendell, n/k,n/k, Leslie Nicks.

Sitting:- n/k, n/k, Mrs Green, Audrey Harrold, Trix Berry, n/k, Mr Green.

Sitting front row:- n/k, Bobby Cobley, Ronnie Osborne, n/k, David Edwards, Roger Kelly.




Left: newspaper cutting from the Devon & Exeter Gazette dated 10th October 1947 announcing the formation of a branch of the St John Ambulance Association in Kingsteignton.


Left cutting from Herald Express dated 16.07.1957


As a method of fundraising for the hut shown above the St John Ambulance for many years organised an annual carnival to raise momey for its building fund.