The photograph to the left was given to the KHS by the late Maurice Sharland and shows what was then known as Kingsteignton Senior School just prior to its opening in 1935.

The school opened its doors to new pupils on 2nd December wit Mr Hugh Hosegood as its first headmaster.

The new school was built as part of a reorganistation of education in the village when a new three tier system of Infants, Junior and Senior schools was introduced.

The former Council School in Sandpath Road became the Junior School and the former Church School became the Church of England Infants' School.

Kingsteignton County Secondary Modern School                      Netball Teams 1946

This photo was kindly loaned by Mrs Margaret Baker (nee Leggett)

Back Row:- Evelyn Northcott, Joan Weeks, Diana Rowe, Olive Heales, Jean Shillabeer, Joan Searle, AnnLinscott, Peggy Bradford. Middle Row:- Myrtle Rich, Kathleen Flecnow, Pamela Furze, Myrtle Gilding, Janet Gill, Mary Tuckett, Betty Willcocks.

Front Row:- Pamela Davis, Sheila Furze, Margaret Leggett, Mavis Widdicombe, Teacher Miss Betty Underhill, Maureen Bray, Cynthia Campion, Amelia Pethybridge, Maureen Westcott

Kingsteignton County Secondary Modern School   

Miss Underhill's Class 1947

This pjoto was kindly loaned by Mrs Margaret Baker (nee Leggett) who is pictured in the centre of the photo (dark hair with hair band). In the row behind her to the left is her future husband Dave Baker. Whilst most of the class have their heads down  to the left Les Henley is paying more attention to the cameraman.



Adrian Heath of Chudleigh kindly shared this photo with the KHS . Headmaster, Mr Molland is pictured in the centre with his staff.


The original photo is so long it was difficult to copy so that the personnel were recognisable. This is the left side of the above picture showing the girl pupils in 1962


And here is the right side of the photo showing the boys.





Kingsteignton County Secondary Modern School pupils with their police examiners having just taken their cycling proficiency tests:- L/R:- Tommy Goode, Kevin Cox, n/k, Bobby Small, n/k, Lorraine Young, Ian Avery, John Vanstone, Penny Tingle, Martin Wills, ? Carter.




A class photo from Adrian Heath dating from 1977.

The Jubilee celebrations in Kingsteignton sawTeign School used as the venue for an "It's A Knockout Competition"  with participation from various groups and clubs in the village which attracted a large crowd.



Our former webmaster, the late Sheila Yeo, was immensely proud of this photo showing her son Terry Yeo winning the 1500m and setting the school record at Teign School in 1983. The same year he also won the 3000m and set a record, as well as winning the triple jump. Winning all 3 events and setting 2 records meant he won the Victor Ludorum for the best athlete etc.


1983 - Teign River Raft Race


Teign River Raft Race - Teigngrace to Teignmouth. This race was then an annual event and partipants had to build their own rafts. I think Health & Safety would probably stop this now !

Terry Yeo (right) and Ian Wheaton (left) won the School's Section for Teign School.



The photo on the left was kindly passed to the KHS by Adrian Heath of Chudleigh and shows a class in the 1984-85 academic year.

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